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The Swine Pens are designed to provide housing for swine in the research environment. They are suitable for swine of all sizes from mini-pigs to large domestic breeds. The pens can be utilized as single or multiple housing units which are formed by easily assembled (and disassembled) panels in standard nominal lengths of three, four, six, and eight feet. The standard panel height is 40". Various length panels can be joined to provide square or rectangular pens to meet animal space requirements and available space in the laboratory. The pens can be assembled with the panels resting directly on the floor for utilizing dry bedding materials. Or they can be elevated on optional adjustable support brackets and suspended flooring panels installed to house the swine off the room floor so that a set waste disposal system may be employed. The front gate panel incoroporates a built in mounting bracket holding a removable stainless steel swine feeder. Automatic watering manifolds and removable stainless steel water troughs are available as optional features. A specially designed transport/wash cart (LT-1800-S) is available for transporting and washing the panels and floor sections in a cage rack washer.


Model Shown: LC-1803-S.

Model No. LC-1803-S

Stainless steel, custom designed to meet your needs. These swine pens are fabricated in panel form similar to the Animal Enclosures (LC 700 Series). All the panels are stainless steel construction with hardware and other components of eight stainless steel or other non-corrosive materials. Pens may be constructed from four (4) feet wide up to eight (8) feet wide and from four (4) feet up to eight (8) feet deep. All pens are 40 inches high inside, panels are mounted on leveling feet and Featherbed Floors are available.

OPTIONS: Optional components include back panels, stainless steel feeders and water troughs and automatic water systems.
Model No. LC-1803-A

Custom desiged as above, but fabricated of 6000 series aluminum extrusions.

Model No. LC-1831-SM

Stainless steel complete with perforated bi-fold door on one side, lexan door on opposite side, rear swing door of solid sheet, adjustable nback restrints, adjustable side restraint, adjustable rear restraint, removable winged feeder, removable floor, metabolism funnel and screen. Unit is mounted on 5" chrome plated casters with brakes, grease fittings, and non-marking tires.

Overall Dimensions: 29" W x 58" L x 65" H
Animal Space: 22" W x 48" L x 29" H
Model No. TC-1841-A

Aluminum complete with side squeeze type restraint cage with operating crank, guillotine door, flor and pan. Mobile with 5" chrome plated casters with brakes, grease fittings, and gray non-marking tires.

Overall Dimensions: 28 1/2" W x 64 1/2" L x 49 1/4" H
Animal Space: 17" W x 58 1/2" L x 31 3/4" H
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BREC, Inc.
Custom Animal Cages for Transporting, Restraining, and Housing
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