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Custom Animal Cages for Transporting, Restraining, and Housing.
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Vincent Neal,
Richard Neal,
Vice President

The objective of BREC,
is to produce quality cages that will provide for and maintain animals suited to your specific needs. Research and testing of these products enable you to have custom designed and fabricated equipment which is conducive to maintain contented, healthy animals.

Bryan, Texas

Home Office, Bryan, Texas

The quality of BREC:
Designing and the selection of materials used in fabrication provide space, safety, comfort and easy maintenance.  BREC's cages are fabricated of stainless steel and/or corrosion-resistant high strength aluminum alloy, which characteristics allow for proper cleaning and sanitation and an "openness" for observing the animals.

Please contact BREC,
for any assistance you may want or need with regard to custom or specialized animal housing.

BREC, Inc.
BREC, Inc.
Custom Animal Cages for Transporting, Restraining, and Housing
400 Stone City Dr., Bryan, Texas 77803

TEL: (979) 823-4466FAX: (979) 822-0540EMAIL:

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