As you asked for occasional updates on the performance of The Bryan furnace from our neck of the woods…
It has been Friday 2/2 mid-day since we’ve been above zero degrees Fahrenheit including daytime highs
(and the high on Friday was 4 above F).  It looks to be at least until the end of this week that we have
a solid above zero F reading for a daytime high (8 above F.)  Last night we were around 40 below zero
air temp Fahrenheit.  Tonight will be the same.  We have been at or below 20 below zero F solidly at
night for quite awhile now.

We’re warm and comfortable with our Bryan Furnace nonetheless.  The last few days when our daytime highs
have been around 20 below F air temp (60 below with wind chill) and it has been windy the furnace has had
some trouble with the insulation issues but no different than our old house.  What happened is that even
with a fire that is fills the fire box, it doesn’t constantly heat the air enough to run the furnace. 
At low temps, if it’s windy, we just have to have a constant, large fire going…but then when it’s 25 below
zero F air temp, the north side of our house can be 68 F while the south side is above 80 F.  So the furnace
is working hard against a wind that rips the heat right off our house too.  Also, to qualify…I hauled some
wood yesterday and unless I broke the ice off my lids, with the wind my eyes kept freezing shut at the lashes.
Ahhh the center of a continent living in a valley.

All in all, we are doing very well with it this winter.  It was very wild the beginning of the winter, though
we are catching up now, I will have a much better idea this winter of the amount of wood it consumes. 
Of course, much of that depends on the house, its insulation and how warm we try to keep it too
(my wife is pregnant and likes it warm).

I.K. from Embarass, MN

To Bryan Furnace,
We live in the Northwest corner of New Mexico where temperatures can get below zero
recently purchased a Bryan Furnace. It was cost friendly, and we are amazed at the
way it performs. The heat in our home is more even throughout...the wood heat is
very comfortable compared to gas or propane.
We quit using the wood stove in our home years ago because the fumes caused our
daughter to become ill. With the Bryan Furnace, all that enters the home is clean,
warm, wonderful fumes or ashes!
There is nothing about the Bryan Furnace that can't be serviced...and the owner and
manufacturer are only a phone call away. Thank you Bryan Furnace.
     B&K from Farmington, N.M.